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Monday, July 8, 2013

I Know Your Secret Chater 1: Blackmail

Time Line:
  Friday of July 8th, 2011


          I am Cody Henderson. They say the world is your oyster when your young. I conclude this statement to be true in the short time I have lived.  At 21 years old the world is my oyster. Everything good has always come my way for the most part. Im a southern boy at heart. I was born and lived in a small town in Tennesse most of my life . My looks haven't hindered my oyster riddled lifestyle ethier.
          I am hot and no I am not being egotistical. Just being truthful about my appearance. I stand at 5"7" with a nice muscular body. Don't think height hinders my good looks though. I might be considered short but my short compact body is fitted tight muscles. No I don't have one of those juiced up muscle head bodies. My muscular definition is nice and very athletic in tone. This type of defintion exist in my arms and legs too.
          Both of which have well defined and well built muscles. My upper body is completely hairless. What my chest does have is an 8 pack of abs. My belly button is cool to me too. At least it seems to drive the ladies crazy for some reason. My belly button is whats often referred to as an outee. Dark purple nipples perfectly outline the dark tan of my Caucasian skin. I possess the traditional muscular v cut shape above my crotch.
          You know the kind that Usher has. I have have on my upper body except for 3 parts. I have a very thin amount of oak color brown happy trail hairs. The other hair growth I have is two small patches of arm pit hair. Of course I keep my armpit hair trimmed short. After all I don't need a bush growing under my arm pits. The hairs that grow on my arms are naturally short and thin.
          As you can imagine when I go shirtless every chick stops and stares looks at me. Of course my lower body ain't nothing to be to shamed of ethier. My athletically built leg's hair growth is just as light and thin as my arms. As for my cock well let's just say my size 13 1/3 feet gives off a good indicator. You see I came to realize long ago a muscular body wont get you any chick you want. O no you will need what I have come to call the three DDDs. What are the DDDs? Dick, Dam hot face and a dank personality.
          I have just been lucky enough in life to have been given all three. Starting with dick ha well mine is top notch bro. Circumcised at birth of course with a few light color veins remaining in place of a foreskin. The head of my cock might be the part of my dick that makes me most proud. The head of my cock is shaped no lie exactly like a huge mushroom. Of course the shear size of my dick makes it the potent weapon it is.
          Two huge balls keep my dick plenty company. The only hairs that exist down there are a extremely short set of pubes. To the second d being dam hot face. Well that might actually be the most important of all. My face is what girls constantly have called a pretty boy face. My face could easily make me a model.
          I know because I have been asked to be a model twice. I shave my facial hair every day. My thick short cropped oak color brown hair might be my best attribute. Piercing pale green eyes of course doesn't hinder anything. The third Dank personailty has always come easy to me mostly for the other two things. I have what we today call mad swagger. I am a great conversationalist when it comes to women. My smooth nieve southern boy accent helps out a great deal.
          The off the charts personality I have is what gets me all the pussy I can take. And take it I do in deed. When I turned 21 years old on May 19, 2011  I  decided to broaden my horizons. My small town in Tennessee just wouldn't give me that. That is why I moved to Seattle in the state of Washington. For one it it is real close to California. Number two right down the block from where  got my apartment is my dad's best friend's hardware store.
          My dad's friend Jim hooked me up with a job before I even had moved. Jim pays me $15.00 an hour to work for him. I basically do a little bit of everything. Unloading trucks, stocking and cashiering all fall under my position. Jim always tell me he will probably promote me to supervisor soon. Best of all Jim has given me a set schedule. I only have to work Sunday thru Thursday. The time I work is even set being from 7:00 AM-3:30 PM.
          Best about this schedule is that I get every Friday and Saturday off. I love my job in every other way anyway. My set time is just an added bonus. I love Seattle too. There is always something to do here. There is also always some girl to do here too. I had one girl that was my girlfriend of 1 year and 4 months but we broke up.
          It might not sound like we were together a long time. For me though it is considering I have only had two girlfriends my entire life. The first one being when I was 13 years old.That girl I lost my virginity to of course. From then on until I started dating Meghan I just played the field. I hooked up with whoever I wanted too. We ended up breaking up because of what married people would call unreconcilable differences.
          Everything was great with us back in Tennessee. Once we moved in together the state of Washington things changed. Simply put we didn't get along so she moved out 3 weeks ago. Now I live by myself which is kind of how I prefer it. My apartment is awesome at least I think so. My apartment is in downtown seattle. I live in a sky rise apartment that has 51 floors. I live on the 39th floor with my apartment being in the middle part of this floor in the building.
          Don't get to hasty though it really isn't nothing all that special inside. To get a better idea of what I am about to explain to you take a look yourself. The following Is a blueprint I drew up for you. Looking at what the flooring of my apartment looks like will give you a better idea. The outline of my apartment is of course the black lines. These black lines represent concrete block walls. You will notice that there is a dark blue line.
          This dark blue line represents what I have come to call a window wall. This dark blue line shows that the entire wall is nothing but on giant window wall stretching from the floor to the ceiling across the entire apartment. The rest I think is simple enough to put into a map key below.


Lime Green Lines/ 

Dark Green Line/   
Front Door

Red Rectangle/       

Light Browm Squares/

Dark Brown Rectangle/
Computer Desk

Light Silver Rectangle/

Purple Rectangle/

Pink Rectangle/

Yellow Rectangle/
Kitchen Counter

Orangle Rectangle/
Stove, Refridgerator, Sink, Dishwasher

          Of course this map does not represent everything in my apartment. The map just represents some basic things to know about it. In turns of the layout and where alot of things are.


          The outer most wall as shown is in fact just one giant window. I never got concerned about it much though. I knew I would be so high up that nobody just looking out there window would be able to see me. The rest of the apartment sucks though. The appliances are old and the rest of the walls of the apartment are concrete blocks. The floor is just a faded color old wood . Still this is a good sized apartment and the window wall adds on alot to its appeal.

                  [][][][][][][] THE STORY [][][][][][][]

          Having just entered my apartment I lock the door behind me. It's 3:56 PM and work has been exhausting today. I let out a giant yawn of exhaustion. Stretching my arms out above my head. I quickly go into my bedroom and take off my work clothes. I don't have anything planned for today. I decided to not make plans to chill with friends or hit up any bars or clubs today. The reason being that I have been working and partying every single day for the last three weeks. I decide to keep this day as I planned for some me time.
          Speaking of me time I am already naked right now. Kind of horny to as I always am ha ha. Why not jerk off. As I lay on my bed naked I start to rub my abs. I'm remembering when I nailed Julie Daniels on the baseball field. It was at 3:00 AM on May 19th, 2009 we were drunk from my birthday party. I had just turned 18 years old. I'm envisioning myself eating her out that glorious morning. I stop caressing my pecks and slide them down to my hardening shaft. I slowly start to jerk my dick. Biting my upper lip I start to get lost in my rememberance.
          I am only a few seconds into my jerk off session when my home phone rings. "FUCK!!!" I mutter loudly as I let go of my dick. I lean over my bed to the nightstand and pick up the phone.I take a second to catch my breath and then I'm good.

          {{{{{{{{{{Phone Call Conversation}}}}}}}}}}

{Me}  "Hello"

{Male Voice On The Phone}  "Hello Cody   

{Me}  "Who is is this?"

{Male Voice On The Phone}  "That's not important.
                                                      Did you enjoy the
                                                      brief moment you
                                                      were playing with
                                                      yourself? Surely I 
                                                      would think a guy as
                                                      good looking as you
                                                      would have out grown
                                                      that? Though the
                                                      binoculars I am using
                                                      to watch you tells me

{Me}  "what who are you?"
          I slowly get off the bed with my cordless phone still in hand. I walk over to my window wall. I see the high rise apartment building opposite me. But it's impossible to see where the voyeur is. The Apartment building in front of mine is wider and even taller then mine. Besides the other apartment building is too far away to make out anything in the windows. At least not with the naked eye. This nut job must really be using binoculars to watch me.
          From what I can estimate he most be in the centre of the building like me in mine. There is 15 floors he could be on to be able to see me as he is describing. I'm furious at this point. Somewhat worried though that this dude knows my name. 

{Me}  "Fuck you you pervert! I'm gonna hang up 
            the phone. Hope you enjoyed the view while
            it lasted mother fucker. Tomorrow I am
            going to get some really big blinds and cover
            all of my window wall." 

{Male Voice On The Phone}  "You wouldn't want to
                                                      do that Cody. Not
                                                      when I know you
                                                      biggest secret. You
                                                      remember your little
                                                      DUI slip up on Dixie

{Me}  "Wha...wha...what?"
          Something that always haunted me was what happened on Dixie Road. Over the years though the fear has subsided. A few months after I turned 18 I got drunk at a friends house. It was the middle of August at around 2:00 PM when I decided to go home. I shouldn't of I was drunk off to many shots of gin to count. As I was driving down the desolate Dixie back road I hit somebody. I ended up killing her the moment I hit her.
          She looked like she was in her thirties. She was obviously pregnant. I freaked out and she was already dead soooo..... I knew this kinda of crime would carry a 10 to 12 year sentence. I looked all around there was nobody else around. Nothing but woods for miles on end. I had a spray bottle of water and some cloth towels inside the bed of my truck.
          With these things I quickly cleaned up the blood on my truck. I was young and scared and I didn't want to go to jail. It was an accident and I felt horrible about it. After cleaning all the blood off my car it was spotless. With that done I fled. My finger prints weren't at the crime scene I know that. Once I got back to my farm I burned my shoes and the towels and spray bottle.  The barn fire I made got rid of all that stuff.
          I cleaned out the truck bed of blood from the bloody towels. Then I washed my car with the hose at the farm. Looking back I was for sure nobody saw a thing. Apparently I was wrong. I never told a sole about what happened not my parents, friends not anybody. It has taken years to get over this trama. Only recently have a really been able to put that event all behind me.
          If I am caught by the police now the sentence would be 20 to 25 years. Another 10 years added for hit and run. Whoever this sick fuck is I have to be nice too him. MY VERY FREEDOM HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!!! By hearing his voice I can tell a few things about him. For one he is a male and he sounds like he is in his mid forties to early fifties. To me his voice sounds like he is also a white guy. Some good info that might help me later is that this guy has a southern accent.

{Male Voice Over The Phone}  "Now look Cody calm
                                                          down. I don't want
                                                          to turn you in. If I
                                                          wanted to turn you
                                                          in to the police I
                                                          would have done it
                                                          years ago. Believe
                                                          me I am not an evil
                                                          man. Really I'm not
                                                          although by the end
                                                          of our conversation
                                                          you might think
                                                          different. You will
                                                          obey me from here
                                                          on out though. No
                                                          exceptions made to
                                                          this rule. Is that

{Me}  "........Yes"
          I feel some what calmer then I was only a minute ago. With knowledge that it seems he doesn't want to turn me. Couple this with the fact though that truthfully I have no choice. These two things render my answer to his question being a yes. Opposed to the fuck you I want to tell him.

{Male Voice On The Phone}  "Glad to hear that.
                                                      Before I go further go
                                                      ahead and go to your
                                                      front door. There you
                                                      will find a brown
                                                      package. Inside this
                                                      brown package is a
                                                      dvd. The dvd is a clear
                                                      taping of right before
                                                      and after your hit and
                                                      run. The quality of the
                                                      tape is very good. As
                                                      you will tell after you
                                                      watch it. You will see
                                                      that it is clearly visible
                                                      that you are the one
                                                      that commited the hit
                                                      and run. The tape is of
                                                      course not the original
                                                      but a copy. The
                                                      original is safe in a
                                                      safety deposit box in a
                                                      bank. This is not
                                                      meant to scare you.
                                                      please understand
                                                      that. You could try and
                                                      find out who I am and
                                                      kill me. That wouldn't
                                                      help your situation
                                                      though. I have a will.
                                                      My will states if I die
                                                      everything in this
                                                      deposit box is to be
                                                      sent to the police. You
                                                      can try and find out
                                                      who I am and have
                                                      me arrested. If you
                                                      turn me into the
                                                      police I would be
                                                      arrested for blackmail.
                                                      However you would be
                                                      arrested too for dui,
                                                      vehicular homicide,
                                                      and hit and run. We
                                                      would both end up
                                                      going to jail. I don't
                                                    think ethier of us wants
                                                      that. Again this is not
                                                      meant to alarm you. I
                                                      only say this to further
                                                      your understanding
                                                      that I am in control.
                                                      Our little arrangement
                                                      won't last forever
                                                      though of course.
                                                      Once I deem our
                                                      arrangement over I
                                                      will change my will. So
                                                      that if I die my safety
                                                      deposit box contents
                                                      won't be turned into
                                                      the police. Having said
                                                      this you will obey
                                                      everything I tell you to
                                                      do. If you fail to do so
                                                      you already know the
                                                      alternative. You are
                                                      not to tell anybody
                                                      anything about our
                                                      arrangement. Don't
                                                      even HINT AT our
                                                      arrangement. Outside
                                                      of our arrangement
                                                      for the most part you
                                                      can go on living your
                                                      normal life. Saying this
                                                      I should explain what
                                                      exactly our
                                                      arrangement is. I am
                                                      gay. Don't panic just
                                                      calm down. I WILL
                                                      NEVER MAKE you do
                                                      anything physically
                                                      sexual to me. I
                                                      guarantee you will not
                                                      be forced to do oral,
                                                      anal or any other
                                                      physically sexual act
                                                      with me."

{Me}  "Fuck man what do want then?"
          With frustration in my voice I ask him this question. I am afraid just thinking about my what the answer to my question will be. At least he says he won't force me into sexual acts with him. Don't know how much I can trust him though. Hopefully he will stick to his words. I'm still butt naked but now I am in the living room area though. I place the package on the table since he has told me to ignore it for now.

{Male Voice On The Phone}  "I am getting to that
                                                      Cody boy. I like 
                                                      watching you. It
                                                      should come as no
                                                      surprise then that I
                                                      like your body too.
                                                      Hell Cody you could
                                                      easily be a model and
                                                      thats no exaggeration.
                                                      I guess you could say I
                                                      wan't to be you penis
                                                      in a way. I want to be a
                                                      puppeteer to your
                                                      activities. You will let
                                                      me do this. From now
                                                      on you will refer to me
                                                      as My Dick. Since in
                                                      effect I will be your
                                                      penis this makes sense.
                                                      Do you have a ruler
                                                      Cody? Don't lie to me.
                                                      If you say no I will just
                                                      make you go out and
                                                      buy one anyway."

{Me}  "yes (I grunt) I have one".

{My Dick}  "Good get the ruler and lay down on
                    your bed. Im glad to see that you are
                    flaccid right now. Hurry and measure
                    yourself. Prior to my phone call you were
                    laying flat on your back on your bed. Get
                    back in that position while you measure
                    yourself. Tell me you width and length
                    flaccid. Then jerk you dick off slowy just
                    until its fully hard. Once fully hard tell me
                    the length and with then. By the way
                    your answer should have gone yes I have
                    one my dick. Not yes I have one."

{Me}  "Fine my dick"
          I grit my teeth when I reply to him. I'm angry but I face the facts I have no choice. With that in mind I am going to do whatever he wants me to do. At least for the time being until I can find a way out of this. Walking over to a drawer in my kitchen I grab my 12 inch long dark oak wooden ruler. I grab the ruler and head to my bedroom where I lay down flat on my back.  I begin to measure my flaccid dick.
      "I am 8 1/3 inches long and width is 2 1/2
      inches wide when flaccid My Dick. "
          I do my best at not sounding pist but I still do.

{My Dick}  "What about the length and width of my
{Me}  "My head with is 2 1/4 inches wide and 3
            inches long."
          I can't believe how he is wording his last questions!!!!! He just said "what about the length and width of MY head?". Instead of saying something like what about the length and width of YOUR head. Even saying what is the length and width of the head of THE dick would have been better. He is actually wording himself as if he is actually my dick speaking. I bite my lips while I speak. I'm biting my lips trying to prevent myself from saying your not my fucking dick you ass. I have a feeling the next thing he is gonna say is to correct my wording.

{My Dick}  "I think what you meant to say is YOUR
                    head width is 2 1/2 inches wide and 3
                    inches long My Dick."

{Me}  "I am sorry my dick."
          I hate having to play along with this game. I'm afraid that I am not going to be able to get hard right now though. This situation calls for a negative boner if anything. I am straight. Having this gay guy force me to masturbate won't turn me on. I panic at this thought though. If I can't get hard for him to watch he will most likely rat me out to the cops. I quickly start thinking of my baseball stadium memory.
          Luckily I don't know how but this is enough. I am able to start getting hard again. I slowy start to jerk myself to this memory. In about a minute I am fully hard.

      "The shaft of yours is 10 2/3 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide fully erect My Dick."

{My Dick}  "Good nice to hear. The shape of the
                    head of me is beautiful. I don't think
                    think any other penis shape is shaped as
                    much like a mushroom. I am so
                    glad that I am circumcsized. Jerk me off
                    on the bed as you were. I will
                    hang up the phone with you. I will just
                    enjoy watching this unfold from my

          (((((((((Phone Conversation Ended)))))))))

          Now that he is hung up I put my cordless phone back on it's stand. As I look straight ahead of me I see tons of windows from the apartment building across from mine. Somewhere in one those windows some prevert is making me jack off to watch me. I better just get this over with. I can think of someway to stop this nut when I'm done hpefully.  I quicken the pace of hands jerking my big dick. I am trying to make myself cum as quick as possible.
          At the same time I keep a stone cold facial expression. I don't want to give this asshole the satisfaction of seeing my face when its in pleasure. Right now I have a serious not pleasure phase look on my face. My muscles are tensing now that I am approaching the end of my ordeal. The visions of eating Julie out and and fucking her are flashing in my head. After a jerk off session that last only about 6 minutes I peak. My muscles tense up fully and my toes curl.
          My stomache is pumping in and out involuntarily. It takes all my mental strength to keep that stone cold unphase look on my face. Thankfully I manage this and he doesn't see what my cum face looks like. My body laying completely still. My right hand jerks up one last time upwards. Quickly I grab my pillow beneath my head. Quickly I move the pillow in front of my penis. Mouth being closed face plain of emotion I cum.
          My dick shoots out 5 think long ropes of cum into the pillow. I hold down tghtly over my crotch. I angle the pillow just right so all my cum goes on my pillow and not me. I don't like cumming on myself. Once this is done I let out a few gasps. The intent of my facial cover up with a closed mouth makes my gasps loud. After a few seconds of heavy breathing I jump out of bed.
          Leaving my cum soaked pillow on the bed. Running to my dresser I quickly put on a white wife beater. Next I put on black briefs pulling over them a long light blue ripped pair of jeans. RING.......RING......RING my home phone starts humming. I pick it up "WHAT NOW!". Mr. My Dick  with authority in his voice snaps back at me "DON'T GET THAT TONE WITH ME EVER AGAIN. Is that understood Cody?".
          I  say back yes...yes...yes My Dick. "Thats better Mr.My Dick says coyly. He is calling me to give me some new instructions. Once the instructions are recieved by me he hangs up on the phone. He wants me to do some fucked up shit. I now have to shave off all the hair on my body. The only exclusions is the hair on my head, eyelashes and eyebrows.
          Other then those exceptions I will have to remain completely hairless for him. His hair shaving orders must be done every night by 10:00PM starting tonight. He says since I am off the next two days there is one other thing he wants me to do. I try pleading with him not to make me do this. He rejects my pleas out right. He has imformed me that I will be getting a body suit tattoo. I am angered at this bullshit beyond WORDS!!!!!
          It will take years to get something like that done. Not only that but it will cost a fortune. Though he was quick to tell me that he will be paying for it. I throw my radio on the floor as hard as I can. I am so angry of having lost  control of my whole life so quickly. I go to my apple computer in the corner of my bedroom. I still can't believe this all is happening.
          He wouldn't tell me what the tattoo would like like. Instead he told link to the picture of the tattoo I will be getting. Anxiety racks my brain as I type the following in the web address bar.

          I can't believe what I am seeing right now. I'll fucking look like a freak of nature!!!!!! At the same time what other choice do I have. This tattoo will take some time to do. My blackmailer told me he was putting in safe guards to insure my compliance. A package would arrive for me tomorrow. Just a few hours before I leave for Japan. The package will contain video surveilance equipment among other things.
          I am going to be placing them in every corner of my apartment building. This surveilance system also will be able to hear everything in my apartment. A series of hats come in this package tomorrow from what he says. The hats are equipped with video surveilance as well as audio surveilance. No matter where I go or what I do he will see and hear everything. There will be no way for me to try and stop him. 
          I won't even be able to try and formulate a plot to stop him from controlling me. He will be able to hear and see everything I do. Iv'e already come to the realization I am not going to try and stop him. The risks are to high for failure. He did tell me some good news though. His so called arrangement with me will only last 1 full year after my tattoo is completed. The last year of his arrangement with me will begin the day after my tattoo is completed.
          After that start date my year will end on the anniversary of that start date. Once the arrangement is over he will give me the original video recording of my hit and run accident. He claims he will disappear after that never to be found. Yeah right dum mother fucker. Once I get the video he has against me I will find him. No matter what lengths I have to go to threw. My trip to Japan will be ongoing until my tattoo is complete.
          He has already payed one of the most skilled Japananese tattoo artist to create my tattoo. The artist has already been told exactly what my tattoo is to look like. Yes the web link basically does show me the entire tattoo I am getting. Besides the artist having this link he has other pictures. These pictures show my blackmailer has a few added things that are to be tattooed on me. These added things must not be shown on the online picture.  I will be going to this tattoo artist for 3 years until the full body tattoo is completed. I will basically be going to these visits weekly until the tattoo is completed.
          There goes my days off for the next three years. I am not really worried about the pain though. I am strong guy. Whatever pain I feel from tattooing wont compare to the fights i've had. Of that I am pretty sure. I'm a great fighter has been all my life. Never started a fight but I have always defended myself when somebody else threw the first punch. I'm sure I can take anything in terms of physical pain.I never cry about anything. The only time I have ever cried was with the accidental dui killings.
          The thing that bothers me about this tattoo is the hell it's gonna cost me. The removal of it after this guy stops blackmailing is gonna be a true ordeal. The social embarassment I will have from this thing is another bother. Looking at this picture it might not be easy to impress chicks. Sure you have some chicks that love guys with tattoos. Hell most do but one like this might be a turn off to most girls. Not to mention I don't like it at all!!!!!!!!
          I'm a good ol' country boy at heart. Not quite a redneck but I am country for sure. This is a tattoo that is gonna make me look ridiculous. None of my bros I hang with will think this is cool. Not to mention it will be near imposible to hide. Switch gears I check the video copy he left me in the package. Sure enough it shows the whole accident. It shows 10 minutes prior and about 10 minutes after the accident occured.
          The video has crystal clear quality. I'm clearly seen in this video through out the whole thing. I can see why I didn't see this asshole video taping everything. Judging from the position of the film he was in the woods. Not just that but he was well hidden in dem woods. Deep in those woods obviously he had great zoom on that video camera. Being done watching it I burn this tape in a trash can fire.
          It's a controlled fire I make in my bedroom. Once destroyed I dispose of it. I can't help but to think to myself how much I wish it to be the orignal tape. I might as well go ahead and shave myself. I enter my bathroom to do the deed. Grabbing the shaving gel I lather it one area at a time. Last area being shaved are my pubes.
          Gee I wonder what chicks are gonna think of me without pubes? Weird certainly comes to mind. With my nicely trimmed pubes shaved away I'm done. Looking at myself in the mirror I look ridiculous. I don't have any hair on my body except my head of course. With this done I go to sleep though with the help of some sleeping pills. It took a while because of the events of today it was hard. I end up falling fast asleep within an hour.
          Before I fall alseep though I set my alarm for 2:00 AM. I am going to need to get ready to go to the airport early in the morning.

Time Line:
  Saturday of July 9, 2011

          At 2:00 AM I am waking up. Quickly I am getting myself dressed. Packing shit I will need for my short stay there. While I was sleeping he ended up leaving me the package he promised to. I had no idea he was gonna leave it at my door while I was sleeping though. All the stuff he told me would be inside is. Including enough money to purchase a round trip to and from Japan today. I quickly put on a video hat he sent me.
          I leave the box with the rest of it's contents in my bedroom. With this done I pack a small luggage bag and I am out the door. I figure I will just set up the video surveliance when I get back.  Finding myself taking a deep breath as I am walking to the lobby of my apartment building. My next stop Japan.

TO BE CONTINUED..............................................................

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